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Investment Corporation and Export Import An Phong Dak Nong (APEXDAKNONG) is one of the leading companies in the field of import and export of agricultural products in the province of Dak Nong. Period 2002-2005, the company was founded formerly Import Export Trading Co., Ltd Vietnam Quang with main line of business is buying and processing of agricultural products for export, business furniture, fertilizers and transport services.

In 2011, before the difficult situation of the world economy in general and businesses in particular countries, to raise up a step on the scale and scope of operations, the company has conducted equitization, raise capital 15 billion VND rate, continue to invest in development of processing plants to improve operating capacity 35000-40000 tons / year.

In 2013, the Company’s Board of Directors decided to put the scale of operation to a new level when the construction and operation of the branch in Dak Song, expansion into new investment areas, promising as gasoline, pepper. Since then, the system is processing synchronous investment, diversity and automation increasingly enhanced. The commercial activity was stronger promotion, partner relationships and expanding market. Goods are exported to many countries around the world: US, Japan, Europe … Brand is confirmed by the reputation and quality of products through international certification UTZ (Australia), 4C ASSOCIATION (German) Awards employment issues to employees, increasing the value of products exported, create credibility for local products, contributing to fulfill the economic criteria that local social-set.